Premonished's advice for D'Vorah in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted April 22, 2015

D'Vorah's quickest string to punish with is her 1,1,B+2. A sample combo for this would be 1,1,B+2~D+1~F+3,4~D+1~F+4,4,Ovipositor Charge. It does 28% making it a great punish for no meter.

D'Vorah's 1,1,3 string ends with an overhead and is 0/+1 on block making it a great string to pressure with and can lead to some good mix-ups. An example of a mix-up off this would be doing 1,1,3, on block and pushing D+1 or grab (D+1 if you think they'll try to poke and grab if you think they'll block)

D'Vorah has a great meaty low set-up off her B+2,1,Into Vortex Swarm in her Swarm Queen Variation. You can end combos like this to catch your opponent off gaurd and get another combo.

A great video demonstrating her combo potential and that meaty low set-up can be seen here -