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barrygary33's advice for Jax's Downward Dash Punch in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted April 22, 2015

Jax's downward dash punch (DDP) causes ground bounce, and is the main way to extend his combos. In the corner, regular DDP juggles into most of his grounded strings, although the most damaging variant I have seen so far is DDP, 11, 11, 11, 124 xx Ender. Special note, doing DDP after his B34 low string causes the ground bounce to pop up a little bit lower, making it harder to confirm directly into 11. In this case, you can do D1, then 11 to make the confirm more consistent. Some people also like to do D1D2 strings afterwards.

However, you cannot juggle after a regular DDP midscreen. Luckily, his EX DDP can be confirmed by run canceling it into his F21 string. The timing is strict, but you can do EX DDP run cancel F21, 11, F212(2+4) for 33%, 1 bar (and amazing corner carry). Alternatively, you can just do a regular dash punch after the ground bounce for a much easier confirm that does 19%.

Some like to use his EX DDP to get out of pressure or on wake up. Even though the straight EX dash punch is safer at -6 (EX DDP is -16 on block), EX DDP hits overhead and cannot be ducked, unlike the straight dash punch.