laserman2's advice for Yoshi in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted March 30, 2015

The simple 1-2 jab combo into a dash grab almost always works with the rare occasion of them jumping away or attacking before the grab lands.There are several options after this, however the best (at least I found) is a down throw into an Uair. It is also possible to punish even more by quickly double jumping and doing another Uair. Also, another thing that works on low percentages is a short hop, air dodge, then quick fall, but as you are about to land, hit them with a Nair or Uair. I prefer to use Uair mainly because it combos unto a double up tilt then several Uairs. It is even possible to land a Nair, throw an egg to gain extra air time and pop them up more and follow up with an anti meteor that can possibly follow up into another Uair or Nair. There are a few more theniques, but this thing is getting long, so I'm just gonna stop now.