Kevham's advice for Pac-Man in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted February 10, 2015

One of my only tips for Pac-Man is to learn your fruits.
Learn when they appear in the cycle and what they do.
Cherry:4% Does 2 Increasingly short bounces before resting for a second.
Strawberry:6% Does 3 increasingly short bounces before resting for a second.
Mango/Orange:8% Travels in a straight line at a quick speed, causing a 'Semi-Spike' when it hits
Apple:9% Does Four quick bounces across the stage. Massive Diagonal drop when used aerially.
Melon:12% Travels slowly across the screen in a rather wide arc, dealing high knockback
Galaxian:9% Travels forwards for a short moment before doing a shuttle loop and then flying at around a 45% angle.
Bell:8% Travels in an Upwards arc before plummeting to the ground. Stuns if it connects.
Key:15% Travels Quickly in a straight line dealing massive knockback. One of Pac's best kill moves.

Vs. Projectiles The First 3 fruits; The Cherry, The Strawberry and The Orange all charge quite quickly and are great projectile cancelling moves.

When Edge-Guarding: The Orange,Apple,Bell(To a lesser extent) And Key are all great Edge-Guarding tools.
-The Orange's Quick charge time and fast projectile speed make it great for punishing or forcing air dodges. If it connects, the spike it puts on the enemy is one of the hardest to recover from.
-The Apple's Huge diagonal drop is great for catching enemies off-guard and it's knockback is quite good, worse then only The melon and key.
-The Bell isn't as good as edge-guarding as the others, but it's sudden drop can reliably hit an opponent out of The apple's range. However; using a hydrant to spike them is a better option in most cases.
-The Key has ludicrous speed paired with huge knockback and solid damage.Similarly to The Orange, the key is a very useful tool in edge guarding. The main difference between the Orange and the Key is that The key is faster and landing the key is nearly a guaranteed KO in most off-stage situations.

Trapping: The Galaxian And The Bell are amazing trapping options
-The Galaxian's shuttle loop can easily combo into many other moves. Also if you're quick, you can grab it just after the loop finishes and chain your opponent into another loop.
-The Bell is great for trapping a hanging opponent because if you time it right, they either get hit by the bell so you can knock them away from the stage, or they get up onto the stage where you're ready to punish whatever they do. Also, once they learn what the bell does, fear is a powerful ally. when they airdodge or roll away from it, you have a great opportunity to punish them to the fullest extent.

I'll put stuff about the Custom fruits later.