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Monado's advice for Bowser in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted January 30, 2015

Bowser is surprisingly fast for his size. Hes even faster than mario and is just short of marth. His aerials are alright and his smash attacks are complete murder weapons, killing at 70%, no charge.

His side B is a grab followed by an aerial slam. It cant be blocked but you need to be right next to the target. It can be used near the ledge to guarantee a kill but it is suicide and you die first. But if you have stock adv.and youre at hi percentage you can use it to end the match.

His up B hits multiple enemies and can be followed up with a side smash or up tilt depending on the target's percentage.

His down B is a powerful butt slam that can kill at around 80% it does around 20% damage and if youre close enough bowser can lift his enemy with his horns and guarantee the hit.

His attacks are a bit slow but bowser is a VERY good character