TheRedOgre's advice for Wii Fit Trainer in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted December 22, 2014

While she/he is not a heavy character, several of her/his moves have long startup frames and recovery. Landing after an Up Special leaves you prone for one of the longest animations I have seen after landing. It's an extremely risky move to use if you don't grab the ledge. Her/His smashes can leave her/him pretty vulnerable if blocked or predicted. Her/His killing moves are few and far between at decent percentages. Her/His range is pretty short and literal. While her moves have strange hitboxes that can catch opponents off guard, but unlike some moves like several Up Smashes around the roster, hers/his is one of the worst in the game, only usable in niche scenarios where the character is directly above you.

I would recommend using Deep Breathing when your enemy is around 100~110% and hitting with F-Smash, D-Smash, or a fully charged Salutation to kill. Your best tactic to use with Wii Fit is to punish and poke. Wii Fit is a strong defensive character due to her/his powerful smashes with long startups and wonky hitboxes. Header is a beautiful move off of the edge, especially if you angle it just right to launch directly forward to bully those standing near the edge. Sun Salutation is an awesome projectile to launch off the edge as well, because the delay in launch can catch people off guard. As for pokes, short hop into nair is an amazing move. Her/His jab is incredibly awesome as well, because it hits both sides for possible punishes or poking, and can be combined with Perfect Pivoting for useful, quick pokes.

While Wii Fit Trainer can be pretty hard to use due to her/his short range, long animations, and light weight, she/he makes up for it with her strong hits, surprising properties, and strong defense. Keep your enemies at bay and surprise them with your odd moves and you'll have the upper hand in no time. Remember to tuck in those glutes!