tktktk43's advice for Chun-Li in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted December 11, 2014

Anti-air: try to use s.HP as oppose to s.MK in the long & mid range and use cr.HP as oppose to backward flip kick in close range. This is because s.HP and cr.HP has longer active frames and better hitboxes; not to mention they also do greater damage. s.MK did get better startup frames in USFIV but I always found the move to trade most of the time and it's usually in your opponent's favor when it trades. Another option for anit-air is her air grab. You can also use nj.HK for far away jump ins and nj.HP on close jump ins.

Wake up: Sometimes the best wake up is to do nothing and block your opponent's setup so practice blocking. Chun-li is blessed with a great back dash and it is a great tool to use if you are not cornered. EX bird kick can be easily baited so use it only if you anticipate jabs, grabs, or cross ups; if your opponent blocks or neutral jump Chun-li can be heavily punished for using EX bird kick. Characters that lacks an uppercut-type move have trouble with wake up so the best way to level up your game with Chun-Li is to avoid being knock down.

Game plan: Chun-li, as a SFIV character, is not very scary because she deals mediocre damage and lack tools to pressure the opponent. A defensive game plan would be to play the mid-range game. In the mid-range game, if your opponent has a fireball character, incorporate flipping ax kick to slow down the fireball game. Far away, Chunk-li can't do anything so stay in the mid-range to close range at all times. An offensive game plan would be to force your way into the close range. Chun-Li has no real answers to uppercuts so a cautious approach is advise. Use cr.HP to link into any bread and butter combos you can perform. Chun-li suffers from damage scaling due to her lighting legs so being able to perform several combo loops is necessary to deal adequate damage.