Snydler's advice for Chun-Li in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted December 11, 2014

Chun Li is definitely a zoning character. There are several normals and specials to keep in mind when playing Chun Li.

st.MP, st.HP and cr.MP are all great normals for "poking" your opponent. I find that the best anti air moves come from cr.HP (Chun Li does a sort of slide) and an ex spinning bird kick. From ex sbk, one could combo with ex legs into either ultra 1 or ultra 2, depending on your positioning. It mostly works in the corner.

j.HP can be done two times in the air which opens up the opportunity for some great combos.

A really easy one to pull off it j.HP, j.HP, cr.HP xx m.Spinning Bird Kick.