SuperSenpaiClaw's advice for Pac-Man in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted December 7, 2014


Symbol Meanings:
^ = Character information
* = Character tip
+ = Character Strength
- = Character Weakness


* (against DeDeDe) Gordo's are beat from ALL of his fruits and it is hilarious.

- (against Mario) Mario is mostly unfazed by Pac's projectiles, as he can rush in and f-smash/d-smash the Hydrant and cape the Bonus Fruit.

* (against Mega Man) The hydrant and trampoline will be key in this matchup. The hydrant blocks all of his projectiles, giving Pac time to charge his fruit, and when thrown, it cancels his projectiles out. Megaman will be forced into the air, and Pac can easily punish with an up air or side B as megaman is vulnerable from below due to his slow dair and the lack of a full-body coverage nair.

* (against Lucario) When Lucario is tossing aura spheres, throw a cherry at it as it stops the projectile even if he has it fully charged at 190%. Keep doing that to forced the approach.

* (against Pikachu) If the Pikachu keeps shooting thunder jolt, stop those projectiles by hitting them with an Ftilt, which forces the Pikachu to approach.

* (against Rosalina) The key to the matchup is close-range
fair/f-tilt pressure. fair should be used to hit confirm into appropriate followups, and f-tilt should be used for spacing/pressure. Do not put yourself in a position where Rosa can jab her way out of pressure. Bait her gravitational pull with fruit/hydrant and go on the offensive. Avoid grabbing Rosa if Luma is near.

* (against Yoshi) Always assume he'll nair/jab out of any potential strings/combos Pac throws at him. Poke him with fair/nair/f-tilt then space. Fruit and hydrant are key in this matchup as both are really efficient poking tools. Be VERY attentive of Yoshi's dash attack as he may end up behind you after he uses it. Do not attempt to shield grab his Nair, he'll jab before Pac even get's the grab hitbox out. If you're desperate to punish a shielded Nair from Yoshi, then use Jab; otherwise, just roll away from him so his Jab pressure doesn't get to you.

*(against Falco) Falco struggles against Pac simply due to Pac's aerial mobility. Orange also goes straight through the laser which basically means that Falco cannot spam his laser too much. Reflector can be nicely baited and punished with key and I just don't see anywhere that Falco beats Pac. Not that it is unwinnable though, Falco is still able to punish Pac well if he whiffs a laggy move. Plus his smashes are all much faster than Pac's in terms of start up

* (against Little Mac) As long as you don't get caught in a bad spot with the hydrant, this is pretty good for Pac. Bonus fruit are really good in this and side-b is great for gimping Mac. Like Bowser, Mac has amazing punishes, however, his gimpability is just so much higher.