SuperSenpaiClaw's advice for Pac-Man in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted December 7, 2014


Symbol Meanings:
^ = Character information
* = Character tip
+ = Character Strength
- = Character Weakness


* Up-tilt has a funky "backwards" hitbox, but it means that Pac-Man has a pretty good option when opponents cross him up.

* Pac's jab combo is an excellent "get off me move" that should be used when you know your opponent is gonna rush in on you and try to grab you. Excellent follow up to dash attack also.

* Pac's dash attack has hardly any cool down after the animation finishes so you can pretty much follow it up with an attack of your choosing. There are several sweet spot areas that if connected, can be followed up with an aerial to end the combo.

- Pac's up-tilt has very little range and is difficult to pull off in battle without getting punished.

* His down-tilt is an excellent downward angle poking move. It's a quick tilt and should be used for spacing or whenever you feel you can sneak in a quick hit.

* Nair is great for edge guarding when being pushed by the hydrant. It can also be spammed if an opponent is close and pushes you off a ledge or platform , if they are still close, they can be hit by it if activated fast enough.

* Up-air has great range and is great for aerial spacing. It can be used for finishing up many combos and strings that launched the opponent in the air; especially after dash attack.

- Pac's dair has low range and is usually not safe to use.

* Fair has little to no cool down and can be spammed easily. Great for spacing. Combos well with neutral air, up air, and down air.

- Fair is not great as an approach because it does little damage and has very little knock back.

* Bair can be great for ledge guarding and can be used as a kill move if the opponent is at high percent.

* Up-b can be used to escape combos and traps such as Ness' PK fire

* When recovering wth Up-b, try to trampoline in a spot that is hard for your opponents to reach as they can easily take away your trampoline after the second bounce, forcing you to free fall to your doom.

* For down-b, place the hydrant by the edge when the opponent is grabbing the ledge. Not only does this give you a small shield from getting up attacks, it forces your opponent to think twice about how and where he should try to get up from the ledge.

* If the hydrant is out and you can't get to it in time to knock it towards your opponent, throwing fruit at it can achieve the same goal and oftentimes will surprise your opponents in the process.

* Always be mindful of how much HP your hydrant has. It can't take more than 12% before being launched.