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feralwolf72's advice for Blanka's Shout of Earth (anti-air) in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted December 5, 2014

Shout of the Earth is a versatile Ultra Combo, and arguably plays up to Blanka's game plan way better than Ultra Combo 1. The cost of this move though is the slightly difficult "triangle charge" input for the Ultra, making it less reliable than UC1, which isn't known for being too reliable itself.

Shout of Earth anti air does a bunch of damage, but will most likely be used after a focus crumple as close to the opponent as possible (ex: Upball, rfc, UC2 while opponent is crumpling). That has been made more consistent in Ultra SF4. No one that is same will run and jump in on Blanka holding down back with full Ultra combo, so don't rely on that version of a comeback.

Shout of Earth ground hits full screen, ground only. It is most commonly used for chip damage full screen. It can hard punish bad full screen projectiles though. It does less damage than the anti air version, but can juggle. I have never seen a practical use for that, but I suppose it can be done.

Both versions charge faster than regular charge moves (42 frames, instead of 55) and are projectile invincible.