Freakzoid9000MS's advice for Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted December 4, 2014

I don't get why meta knight is ranked so low. He is an amazing punisher with his specials and set ups to air combos with Dthrow. He is also in my opinion one of the best edge-guarders in the game and with a very good aerial game because when of stage his Bair will kill as low as around 85% I think and his Nair also has that same property killing around 100%-115% depending on which character he is fighting. I am a meta knight main so I would know these things and I want to prove to people that he is a good character. His insanely good recovery along with the mixups that he can pull off when he is on the edge is also a plus. And for the people that read this comment and play meta knight, here are some fun tools you can play around with. At around 30% on medium and heavy characters( around 15%-20% on light characters) you can use Dthrow into 3-5 Uairs on medium characters followed up with an Up B for around 34%-44% or even taking them off the screen. Same with heavies but it's easier to land and kill. One final thing that might be useful, you can use your Down B( but don't hold B otherwise you'll attack)a lot for getting on the stage safely and using it for mind games and it will kill around 115%ish depending on character weight. I hope this helps the meta knight mains out there and give me some feedback if you want more tips on him. :]