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Galeonez's advice for Bowser in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted December 3, 2014

Bowser's forward smash is one of his most powerful attacks (and one of the most powerful smashes in the game). Although the move is slow, Bowser leaps forward a short distance when performing the move giving him some extra range. One of the best things about Bowser is the fact that his recovery after ending a dash is one of the shortest in the game. That means that Bowser can dash, let the stick return to neutral and input a forward smash almost directly after stopping, catching many opponents off guard. With options like this and Bowser's dash attack, opponents will tend to turtle up in shield when Bowser approaches which leads us to probably his best move.

Bowser's side-B is ridiculous in this game for a few reasons. It is completely unblockable and does heavy damage to those who get hit by it. You also have the ability to go offstage with it and Bowsercide with the opponent, a fate most opponents can't recover from even though Bowser dies first. One of the best parts of this move however is that this move has no ending lag when done from the air. That means if you shorthop and side-B your opponent, you can set up option selects (a series of inputs that will have different results depending on how your opponent reacted). The most basic is to shorthop at your opponent, perform a side-B before you land and before seeing whether it landed or not, roll backwards as you land. If the grab connects, you'll go into an animation and the roll won't come out. If the grab was avoided because you missed or the opponent side-stepped or rolled, you'll roll away to safety.

Down-B is a move you will have to show restraint with. It does crazy shield damage and kills very early but when below Bowser, most opponents will be awaiting your down air or your down-B so that they can avoid it and punish. One thing to note is that on the ground, Bowser's down-B has a portion that picks up opponents into the falling hit. This initial hitbox is almost the same as his jab range. Because of this, you can check your opponent with a jab and they'll still be in range of the rising Bowser bomb. This can punish shieldgrabbers and opponents may be less likely to properly avoid the move when done out of a jab (since they probably have already selected the shield option).

Bowser's up-B should also be used liberally when under pressure. It has startup invulnerability when grounded so if an opponent is eating away at your shield, you may cancel your shield with a jump and then up-B before you leave the group, interrupting their attack and delivering heavy damage.