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Galeonez's advice for Bowser in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted December 3, 2014

If you're looking for Super Smash Bros. version of a hard-hitting grappler, then Bowser is your character. With a wide range of kill moves and a powerful grab special move, this is one Bowser's best incarnations in the Smash series.

For standard attacks, Bowser's jab will be one of your quickest go-to options in close quarters. Although his jab is nothing to write home about, it reaches a fair bit ahead of him and is one the few moves he has that requires very little commitment. A common tactic when looking for a chance to break through an opponent's defense is to do a single jab and then attempt to react to what option they choose. If they attempt to roll past you, you have more than enough time to either forward tilt or side-B them for alot of damage.

Forward tilt has decent range and knockback and can be done out of a pivot (running in a direction and then afterwards holding the opposite direction and then quickly tapping A) to control space. Down tilt is your strongest punish at around 0-15%, scoring a 2-hit 25% combo. It has kill power as well at later %s. Up tilt can be used to harass people on low platforms while keeping you relatively safe. Unfortunately it's kill power isn't that great so it's main value will lie in the speed of the move when people are above you as opposed to its sheer strength.

When it comes to aerials, Bowser has alot to work with. His neutral air is his most damaging aerial doing up to 20%, one of the most damaging standard aerials in the game. His forward air is his best aerial due to the ability to have it autocancel during a shorthop. Even doing a rising fair will still hit short characters due to the large hitbox on the move. The low cooldown on the attack lets you threaten with another fair offstage should you land a hit near the edge. Retreating fairs also cover alot of space and can make it difficult for characters with short range to approach Bowser. His back air is one of his most popular kill moves, having ridiculous knockback and the ability to autocancel it out of a shorthop. When opponents are at high % and are looking to get back down to the ground against Bowser, simply being near them with your back turned can bait out an airdodge and allow you to punish very hard and take an early stock.