delbuster's advice for Pac-Man in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted December 3, 2014

Pac-Man is a slowish, floaty character with a slow grab and hard to land KO moves.

But, he has solid poking tools and good+unique projectiles, as well as a pretty good air game and a pretty good recovery. This character should not be slept on because he can attack in unexpected ways.

Most of Pac's game plan revolves around his neutral B and down B. They allow him to do unique things.

Neutral B - Bonus Fruit: This move when charging makes Pacman float even more.
All projectiles can be caught as an item in certain circumstances when they hit something, so be careful and you can re-use them one time!
Key is the last one. It is thrown very fast and can KO.
Flan is the second last one. It has a really high arc when thrown, stuns on hit. Very hard to use, but if it does hit, you can maybe get a combo.
Rocketship is cool. It does a loop when you throw it, making it easier to catch. Also, if they are in its path, they can get grabbed pretty easily if they shield.

And melon - the fourth one (the green circle), a slow moving, pretty hard hitting one. Nice for preventing people from getting back to the ledge, or using its slow speed to approach.

Those are the main ones to use. The first three are alright if you need a fast moving projectile and do not have the Key.

Down B - Hydrant
It attacks below you, which is amazing. Very safe if you're high enough, and does decent knockback. It also can be used to put yourself on a little platform, to avoid projectiles and attack from a possibly better vantage point. Walking off to do an aerial can work.
Water comes out of the hydrant - either upwards from the top if you stay on it too long, or from the sides. It pushes players quite far.
Hitting the hydrant for enough damage can "KO" it and turn it into a projectile with better knockback, but be careful as the opponent can do this as well. If you want a better chance of launching it, use Down B to absorb a hit from the opponent then run off and Bair the Hydrant to send it towards the opponent. Or, stay on the Hydrant for a bit to make it shoot water upwards, then run off and Bair, then Smash to avoid the Hydrant from pushing you away from it with water.

He has some other wacky moves. Dash attack has very little recovery time, so it can lead into a launch combo into Fair. Grab is slow, but quite active. Up B is invincible with a decent hitbox and sets out the trampoline.

His other moves are standard. Ftilt and Dtilt are good, quick pokes. Fair is very fast, but very weak - you can do two in a short hop, or do one in a shorthop then a plethora of other options like Hydrant, double jump Hydrant, Nair, or Fruit.

Scoring the KO is difficult. You have to be tricky when they are recovering with a Fruit or Side B, or score a Smash. His Smashes are a bit slow to come out, so you have to bait something to hit them, so that is the real challenge in playing Pacman.