PacManWalker's advice for Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted December 2, 2014

My advice for fellow falcon pawwwwnchers:
Abuse speed, not many combatants can keep up with CF, your setups are :
*Run into Dash attack
*Run into grab, dthrow into Uair
These are as far as common ones go
*Setups i like to use are:
run past the opponent, turn and Fspecial. Opponents tend to want to 'chase' CF with an attack of some sort, catches them off guard often.
*Short hop into Nair, try an it with JUST the 1st of the 2 kicks, if you do, you can against MOST characters, opponent must be set up on the ground or near the ground...this can be setup from a good read on a whiffed projectile, like mario fireballs (the dummy i used)

there's nothing quite like serving a tasty falcon pawnch as the winning blow.

*If you manage to land a Dtilt on stage (preferably an Omega stage) near the edge, around 60 to 100P, opponents will get decent horizontal knockback, practice your timing with the run and jump into a FALCON PAAWWWWWNNNCCHHH!!!!!
IF you manage to stay parallel to them during their attempt at recovery, you will surely make the opponent S*** themselves because:
A) who in their right mind expecting a flying off the stage FP to the face?
B) if theyre far enough away, they wont be able to avoid it without an opportunity to air dodge, thus delaying their recovery, or eating that magnificent firebirdfist
*the only other setup ive come up with so far, is when you get opponents who like to dodge roll alot, get a good read on them, give them a turn around FP to the slop hole. but definitely take the 1st one serious...there's been many a time i saw my victim panic when seeing a majestic CF delivering a fiery justice fist pursue them to what looks like a suicide move.
if youre careful enough, you can still recover after a single jump in FP.

*CF can wall jump, opponents near the edge charging a smash or special can fall victim to air attacks coming from CFcoming up from edge hanging... i.e dropping down to wall jump then jumping to a B/F/N/Uair.