delbuster's advice for Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted November 30, 2014

Metaknight does low damage and has weak KO power, but he still has multiple jumps and a sword.

Ftilt, Dtilt, and Fair are good poking tools. Dash attack, Utilt, Usmash, and Grab can all lead into air situations where you can harass the opponent with Metaknight's air normals, especially Uair.

Mach tornado can be used to beat dodging, and Down B can be used in a much riskier and harder to time way but it can KO at high percents.

To get your opponent off stage with enough time to pursue is somewhat difficult. You'll need to use things like Fsmash, Dsmash, and Dair near the sides.

Once offstage, Dair is probably the preferred method to keep them off and try to prevent their recovery.

Finally, Metaknight can harass opponents near the top and KO with a well placed Up B. This can be set up with his Uair, which is why it's such an important tool. Be careful for dodges so that you don't fall down helplessly into a punish.