delbuster's advice for Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted November 30, 2014

Mac has a reputation of being a scrub character, and many players are often seen on For Glory doing very similar things (dash attack, rolling, and smashing). It goes without saying that these players are not that successful -

Anyway, the key to a good Lil Mac is to keep a safe distance to poke, and then read your opponent to blow through their attacks with the armor on his smashes to net yourself the KO.

Ftilt is your primary spacing tool. It has two hits, does good damage, is quite fast, and has quite a bit of range. Because of this move, walking instead of running is advised to control space.

A similar move, but less range, is Dtilt. Dtilt can set up small juggles (like a combo into KO punch around 30% for an easy stock) so it has a little more reward than Ftilt.

Note KO punch actually goes through shields, and makes a great landing punish as your opponent tries to get down from the air.

Dash attack is a good whiff punish, but don't try to use it as an approach tool - experienced players will easily shield and punish hard for trying this move, even if you try to make it go through the opponent.

Grabbing will be important. Shielding will protect vs all of Lil Mac's other moves, so use Mac's dash speed to put fear in the enemy.

Usmash and Fsmash are strong and have armor. They also can be tricky to punish for opponents, so be careful with them. They are fast enough to do after lowering your shield to punish a variety of things, so be on the lookout.

Recovering is tough. A successful Counter can help you get back, unless you were attacked from the other side, so be very careful when using Counter.

Side B has a bit of horizontal range and Up B has a bit of vertical. Up B does not auto snap to the ledge, so be careful using it- a Melee style sweet spot is needed (spacing the Up B so that it ends below the edge but still just close enough to grab the edge).

Platforms are a bit tough for Lil Mac to deal with, but Uair is a decent move for it and has okay range. Still, be careful whenever you jump with this guy! Stick to the ground and out footsie your opponent, or risk getting tossed off and getting KO'd super early.