Mijinion's advice for Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted November 28, 2014

Captain Falcon's greatness lies in his moveset. Many situations call for a response that Falcon has available to him. Captain Falcon's lack of projectiles or reflecting properties is made up with his combination of speed and power, which has been greatly improved with the latest game.

Aside from Captain Falcon's Raptor Dive, which has been changed with his hitboxes to make the move generally more difficult--every aspect of Falcon has been virtually improved. A down throw follow up to U-Air to another U-Air can be performed with ease. Throwing in general with Falcon leads to a typically easy follow up.

The Falcon Kick has been given slightly additional range, which truly goes a long way to disrupt many of your opponent's approaches. In mid-air, this attack is capable of really disrupting any grounded opponent thanks to its wide hitboxes.

Falcon's Smashes are just about what you could expect, powerful, yet fairly quick. A running up-smash is one of the most brutal pop-up combinations available to Falcon for countering an aerial opponent who's coming down towards you.

Falcon's Signature Knee of Justice F-Air, is devastating and much easier to pull off this time around. Time it well and use it sparsely, since it can really turn the tides of a battle.