Cortte's advice for Wii Fit Trainer in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted November 26, 2014

floorwalker pretty much hit the nail on the head, so I'll go ahead and give a few personal strategies I like to use. Her Side B can be used repeatedly when hanging close to the ledge. This will make the ball travel along the stage and keep WFT very safe. Her Up B also deals a sneaky single tick of damage which is wonderful for edge fighting. Most people panic when hit by it and allow themselves to fall and die before reacting.

With both of those in mind I like to make her an edge fighter. I use a heavy projectile game with header on the ledge and make people come to me. While raising up to grab again, using Uair is a great option, even better though is her Fair. The reach of her arm goes through the stage, and hits enemies that are trying to play it safe further from the ledge. Once they get frustrated enough they should play the edge game with you. This is where using her aerial mobility, and momentum stops with header/deep breathing really pay off. A spike generally won't be able to kill her till around 50% or higher, so you can be pretty reckless given her amazing vertical mobility. Even being stage spiked on most occasions will not be enough to keep you down. Furiously mash that up B and it should bring you back. Even better if you managed to save a jump. Time your Dairs or Bairs right and you'll score either a spike, or a stage spike. Even header itself, and her Fair can score a spike if timed right. A wide range of characters won't be able to stand up to this kind of off stage aggression.

Better still, you'll have enough recovery time to score deep breathing and make it back to the ledge. Carefully charge some sun salutations and change them up with those edged headers and the opponents will have a hard time reacting.

It can be frustrating at times though, because some characters just don't take the bait, and fights with WFT tend to drag on a while. But if you have the patience you may just be able to come out on top.