Yersinio_Pestis' advice for Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted November 25, 2014

Little Mac plays like a rush down character, he is in your face and doesn't tend to stop. He is an offensive character that is best put to use on the center of the stage. When using him, use mainly his normals and smash attacks. His side Bs will kill you if you use it less than half-way from the ledge when going towards a ledge so if you ever use it (which you should not in most cases) make sure you are going toward the center of the stage. As far as his up B goes, it has its uses as a counter move against Little Macs multi hit combo but has little other than a upwards recovery move. His down b is used as a counter so if the opponent is ledge guarding you I would suggest using this as a way to deter them from using a side or down smash whilst you are trying to recover. As far as his Knock Out Punch goes, it is best not to use it unless you know you can successfully bait the opponent into it by waiting until they whiff an attack.

A helpful tip to those who want to use him to his fullest is that Little Mac can cancel his dashing animation into a side or up smash. This allows you to have three good damage options when dashing toward the opponent.

Another thing to keep in mind whilst playing Little Mac is that he can around quickly so when you find yourself and your opponent in a dodge loop you can catch your opponent off guard with a turn around multi-hit combo to end the constant back and forth.

I hope this helped and settle it in Smash with Little Mac.