floorwalker's advice for Wii Fit Trainer in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted November 24, 2014

Apart from WFT's great projectile distance game, his/her range in her strikes are pretty lackluster. However, what makes up for her lack of range is the fact that her most of his/her moves hit on both sides. Those being jab, forward tilt, F-air, down tilt, N-air, Forward Smash, and Down Smash. These moves can protect her from both forward and back attacks pretty well. For example, WFT can apply a F-air behind the opponent's head to save her/himself from being shielded, considering WFT's hitbox in F-air hits as a diagonal arc with both his/her arm arcing upwards and his/her leg arcing downwards. WFT's third hit of her/his triple A combo can be delayed to sink the opponent in the ground for a free hit opportunity. WFT's b-air and u-air are very good. WFT's d-air meteor smash is also very good, it has enough recovery time to give WFT horizontal mobility to make it safe.

WFT does have her weaknesses though. WFT's smash attacks are underwhelming. They don't really have good damage or knockback output. Plus, up smash is difficult to hit, considering it only hits upwards with a thin hitbox. WFT's strongest Smash attack is forward smash, but yet again, it has weaknesses. F-Smash can be ducked, and it misses on the smaller characters (Pikachu, Toon Link, Villager). Try to land WFT's kill moves with a charged up neutral B or forward smash while the opponent is in the air or standing. Forward tilt also has good knockback.

Remember that F-air arcs at a north-east diagonal, u-air swings up and behind at a 45 degree angle, and WFT's n-air hits right in the center then upwards. Place WFT's aerials accordingly to their angles to make them safe and reliable. Use back airs a lot while fighting opponents on the ground.

WFT is an unorthodox fighter with strange hitboxes and a solid distance game. Even though WFT has a hard time against tiny characters, and a lack of range with her/his strikes, he/she can be a tricky character to fight against in both his/her offensive and defensive approaches.