delbuster's advice for Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted November 23, 2014

An effective C. Falcon will use a few moves out of his whole moveset.

His dash speed is good, but his grab range is somewhat small. It balances out; his Dthrow is good for setting up dash Up air.

His dash attack is sort of a mixup and punish tool in conjunction with his Grab. It also launches them in front of Falcon where he can threaten another dash attack if they air dodge, or Up Air if they jump.

Neutral Air is good for controlling space from a short hop.

Jab is really good. Holding A will make him automatically jab a lot, which can beat spot dodges.

Down Tilt and Forward Tilt are slow to come out, but have good range and not too much recovery afterwards, so they are solid ground pokes.

Up Tilt can spike. Use to troll people with bad recoveries.

Finally, Fsmash and Bair are solid KO moves with good reach.