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delbuster's advice for Bowser in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted November 23, 2014

Bowser is an interesting character. He is a big body, but he has a fast run speed and long, fast startup pokes. On the other hand, some of his moves have a lot of time to wait after they're done, so they have to be done in moderation.

Ground pokes include Jab, Forward Tilt, and Dtilt. You can also poke at the opponent with short hop instant forward air, and back air. Doing those attacks immediately from a short hop means they finish before Bowser lands - if Bowser does land during his air normals, he has to wait a while before he can act again.

His Side B is a grab, which beats shields and does 18 base damage. It's a good way to mix up your approach options, since you can do it while airborne; most people will think of shielding when you jump towards them, so throw this move out.

When you have your opponent above you, you can go for a few traps into Neutral Air, Up Air, Up Smash. If they try to land into the ground with a dodge, Down Smash and Up B last a long time with multiple hits to punish them and pop them into the air again.

Defensively, Up Tilt has a ton of range around Bowser and happens pretty quickly, and Up B can be done out of shield and comes out rather quickly and covers all of Bowser. Note that if you have tap jump off, you will have to press Jump and Up B to do it out of shield.

Forward Smash and Down B might be enticing to throw out, but their slow startup makes them very obvious. Overall, they should be relegated to people missing some options; for example, if Jigglypuff misses a rest, punish with Fsmash. If they are below you without a platform to protect them, and they charge a smash to anti air you, then Down B could work.
Down B also does a lot of damage to shields, but an experienced player can easily roll out of the way and punish.

Fire Breath is a nice tool, but obviously gets shorter over time. It is a little hard to maneuver around, so it is a decent move to use sometimes as a more ranged option to rack up a bit of percent.