YasashiTsuKun's advice for Guy in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted November 23, 2014

Guy could be easily played Defensively and Offensively. For Defensive players, use the [Flip] Command to either prevent Air attacks from happening or getting away from pressure, The [Elbow Drop] for baiting enemies to make mistakes, as well as [Hozonto] as your projectile counter and range reset. For offensive players, you have a lot of options for combos, specifically his [Target Combos] for combo options, [Elbow Drops] for combo resets, [Run Options] for mixups and Close standing/crouching attacks to chain into special combo attacks.

Guy has bad wakeup attacks, as [EX Bushin Senpukyaku] could easily be countered with grabs or a block, giving him an even worse recovery game compared to most of the cast of characters. [EX Run] is also a poor wakeup choice, as it gets him into trouble even more. Addiitonally, his backdash is only good against counters from light attacks and avoiding grabs, as it only allows him little space for a response compared to most characters' backdashes. Also, try avoid using Crouching Heavy Kick often and use Crouching Middle Kick instead for trip attacks. Crouching Heavy Kick is used for dangerous pokes, as it is the slower version of the [Run -> Slide] attack.

Overall, Guy makes up his poor wakeup responses and lack of low attack options for a speed game that is close to Ibuki, if used correctly. Getting used to playing as Guy is time consuming, as he is hard to control at first, but once you get the hang of his speed game, he becomes a powerful, yet simplistic offensive character that can stand against the META game.