guitarzann's advice for Chun-Li in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted November 23, 2014

Goto anti-air moves: s.HP, s.MK, cr.HK, cr.MP, s.HK, EX.SBK, df.LK, nj.HK, nj.HP, fj.HP
All of her AAs are situational, but as a general rule of thumb s.HP, s.MK and cr.HK are your best bet. If you want to punish the jump more, use df.LK(down-forward), nj.HP(neutral jump) or dj.HP(diagonal jump) as all of these can be followed up with stomps or Ultra.
The name of her AA game is knowing what button to press at what ranges. Her AA buttons are some of the best in the game. Just watch out for divekicks.