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Serperior's advice for Rose's Ultra 2 in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted November 22, 2014


1. Low damage output

While this is fair, given the wide versatility of the move, it is still a negative nonetheless. At most, each orb does only 120 damage, for a total of 240, so if you don't use Soul Satellite when your revenge gauge is at maximum, they do even less. Yes, it is possible to combo off of the orbs to add more damage, but not in every situation.

2. Does not function very well as a comeback tool

Mostly due to its lack of power, Soul Satellite really can't (and usually shouldn't) be used as a reliable comeback tool (if raw power and comeback potential is what you're looking for, Illusion Spark-Ultra 1 is the better choice). At maximum the damage output of Soul Satellite is underwhelming, and even if you do manage to hit your opponent with the orbs, a followup combo is not always guaranteed. Therefore, trying to use this move to mount a comeback when you have less than 30% stamina can be difficult to pull off, especially if your opponent manages to simply block the orbs or successfully runs away until the orbs dissolve. In addition, due to the lack of invincibility on startup, if your opponent is applying a lot of in-your-face pressure, you won't be able to activate the orbs unless you manage to safely create enough space to do so, which is not always an easy task (contrary to popular belief, mashing backdash does not solve all of Rose's problems).

3. Can be neutralized by well timed pokes

This point is being made as more of a caution to the Rose player rather than being a severe detrimental factor of Soul Satellite itself. But it does beg to be mentioned that it is possible for your opponent to dissolve the orbs without being hit by connecting a well timed poke in between the gaps of the orbs' rotation. Again, this is more of a cautionary warning to Rose players that even though you are well protected when the orbs are spinning, it doesn't mean you are an impenetrable wall. Savvy foes will be patiently trying to time a poke just right with the rotation of the orbs and if you're not being careful, you could lose them before having a chance to utilize them for anything other than being something pretty to look at.