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Serperior's advice for Rose's Ultra 2 in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted November 22, 2014

Strengths (Continued):


5. Good at closing out rounds

One of my favorite things about Soul Satellite is that it can be used to swiftly close out a round or a match when your opponent's stamina is low. In fact, Soul Satellite is at its most effective when you have the life lead and your opponent is at 10-20% or less. All it takes at this point is just one orb to connect and it's game over for your foe.

6. Can (sometimes) be used multiple times in a round

Just one more thing that makes this move so useful is the fact that it's one of the only Ultra Combos that can be used twice in one round, if played well (<-- Can't stress that point enough). It takes some effort to be able to pull off consistently but if you're able to do it, it is really helpful. First, you must successfully focus absorb at least one or two hits from your opponent. This builds your revenge gauge without causing you to actually lose health, which is essential because this means you will gain enough revenge meter to stock U2 with more than 50% of your stamina remaining. This leads to the second part, in that when you do stock U2, you must use it before your opponent can reduce your stamina to below 50%, otherwise it will become much more difficult and perhaps nearly impossible to get a second U2 before you get KO'd.

While this can be done against just about every character, it tends to be much easier to do against projectile characters, as it is relatively safe and easy to focus absorb projectiles from a distance, which easily ensures that you'll have an opportunity to stock and use your first U2 early on, and then obtain a second one for use later.