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Serperior's advice for Rose's Ultra 2 in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted November 22, 2014

Strengths (Continued):

3. Combo potential

The orbs have a lot of different ways of being utilized in combos. There are ways to use them within combos via FADC, but most are somewhat less practical and less often used.

The orbs are better as combo starters and are versatile in both creating and finishing juggle combos. One of the most commonly used applications of the orbs is in combination with Soul Throw. After activating U2, you can use Soul Throw to propel Rose up and over your opponent's head while the orbs are spinning. If spaced correctly, which is absolutely key when doing this, it is difficult to predict which side of your foe Rose will land on when she descends back down. And with both orbs spinning around her it creates an ambiguous cross-up type scenario where your opponent has to guess which way to block the orbs. If blocked incorrectly, the orbs will hit and you will have landed on the ground right next to your foe with enough time to land a follow up combo.

Soul Satellite also has multiple juggle capabilities. First, it can be used within juggle combos. After successfully landing HP Soul Reflect, your opponent is put into a juggle state, and just as they begin to descend you can activate U2 and either walk forward, forward dash, or slide (Down-Forward Medium Kick) to connect with the orbs (to do this mid-screen you are required to FADC after HP Soul Reflect and then activate U2). Second, Soul Satellite can be used to initiate juggle combos. The orbs put your opponent into a juggle state if they are hit while airborne, allowing Rose to follow up with moves like Soul Throw, Soul Spiral, and even Aura Soul Spark (but only if both orbs connect as it's not possible to activate Aura Soul Spark while the orbs are still active). So Soul Satellite is actually a pretty good anti-air if your opponent foolishly (Read: stupidly) tries to jump at you while the orbs are active, because it can lead to some decent damage.

4. Good defensive tool/Momentum shifter

Soul Satellite is good as a defensive tool, as well, in that the orbs can essentially act as a shield to Rose, protecting you from being pressured by your opponent. You'll come to notice after you activate the orbs, your opponent typically starts to back off and gets defensive, which does two really beneficial things. First, it gives you space to breathe, particularly if your opponent has been hounding you and you feel like you need to regroup. Second, it actually allows Rose to somewhat shift the momentum of the match in her favor (at least temporarily) because you can go from being the hunted to the hunter, pursuing your opponent as they frantically try to escape from Soul Satellite.