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Serperior's advice for Rose's Ultra 2 in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted November 22, 2014

Ultra 2, Soul Satellite, is one of, if not perhaps the best tool Rose has in her arsenal. Upon activation, Rose summons two spherical orbs of Soul Power that she sends revolving around her for 10 (real-time) seconds as she is able to move and attack freely. While this concept may seem at face value to be really simplistic and maybe even unimpressive, Soul Satellite provides Rose with both offensive and defensive benefits that are so great that most find it impossible to resist selecting Ultra 2 in most (or all) match ups. Sorry, Illusion Spark (U1), but you'll be sitting out this (and most) round. Let's discuss some of the qualities of Rose's Ultra 2, Soul Satellite:



1. Relatively safe to use

One of the nice things about Soul Satellite is that it starts up rather quickly (5 frames). While it may not have any startup invincibility (because remember SSF4?) it doesn't usually matter because all you need is just a little bit of space or a knockdown to have enough time to activate and get the orbs out there without anyone being able to threaten you. This is because most moves that startup in 5 frames or less are light punches and kicks or command grabs and throws that have relatively short range and would only hit you if your opponent was right up close AND would require a quick reaction. Just don't activate Soul Satellite if your foe is right up in your face at point blank range and you should be fine.

2. Armor breaking properties

A unique and beneficial quality of Soul Satellite is that the orbs can break armor. While technically considered projectiles, being given the armor break property means that your opponent can't just try to focus absorb them like any other projectile and then dash away. Seems pretty fair since this is an Ultra Combo, after all.