iYeaMikeDave's advice for Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted November 21, 2014

If you're a noob. You found you character. If you thought master hand was OP on this game, wait till you see this little guy in action. Weighing in at 126, this little guy can can be pretty deceiving. This is not a "how to" instructional on how to be good with little Mac. This is a how to on how to beat little Mac. If you want to be good with home, just get a round your opponent and just tap "a" in any random direction. You'll get some sky uppercuts in there. If you wish to beat little Mac, don't choose a swordsman unless it's Robin, Link, or toon Link. Make sure you thro hella projectiles at this kid. Unless it's bombs, cause somehow he can punch right through a splash damage bomb. His gloves have a special coat of rubber that bounces any attack that you throw at him, back at you and allows him to throw combos for days. Even if you have a lengthy sword, he will hit you with his 8 foot wingspan. Not even Ike's hefty , golden light pole outreaches little mac's wingspan. Also, if you thought mario and sonic were fast in their 2D scrollers, little know fact about little Mac is that he beat Usain bolt in the 100 m dash. While everyone else plays at 60fps. Little Mac is moving at a swift 300fps. He is damn near teleporting. Honestly, he is so fast and so OP, you might as well play defensive most the time. Put up your shield and wait for him to attack you and grab him. And do a couple throws. But beware, he's fast enough to recover and punch you before you can even get a chance to grab him. Fudge it. Let's be real. Just spam the projectiles shield roll for your life.