Existent's advice for Guy in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted November 21, 2014

Guy is generally an aggressive character, but not to an extensive degree.
Taking advantage of the corner and pushing the opponent there is his greatest strength. His mobility makes it impossible to effectively zone him with most characters, the most notable exceptions being Chun Li, Guile, Dhalsim, Ryu, and Evil Ryu.

Guy's biggest weakness is against most grappler characters, as a number of his offensive options are ineffective against them and he lacks a projectile to keep them away.

Though none of his attacks have complex inputs in and of themselves, he remains a high execution character when played at a high level due to the difficulty of many of his optimal links and hit confirms.

Staying patient while on offense is paramount, as his hit confirms and frame traps require precise timing and several of his offensive options have notable risk.

Learning Guy is a time consuming process, as he has a large number of character specific quirks and setups, but when played appropriately, has the capability to be a strong character with an overpowering offense.