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supmg's advice for Fei Long's Crouching Light Punch in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted November 21, 2014

This move is one of fei longs 3 frame normals which has great range for a cr jab. On hit it is +3 and on block it is even.
The move can be canceled into any of fei longs specials such as his rekkas and flame kick for a damaging punish. As this is one of the few moves fei long can cancel into a special, it is important to learn this move in his bread and butter combos.
Fei long can chain this move with another cr jab, st. jab, cr short, or st. short to created a safe blockstring. This move can also link into another cr. or st. jab as a relatively easy 1 frame link (learning this timing is essential for many of his bread and butter combos).
Other option of a single cr. jab is an ex tenshin tick grab or a normal tick grab. I wouldnt use this move to set up a frame trap as it leaves fei long at 0 advantage on block. Usually you want to have some advantage to the move you use to set up a frame trap to ensure you dont get counterhit.