bubbulious' advice for Greninja in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted November 20, 2014

Some general Greninja strategy:

At a distance, Greninja's lone projectile, the Water Shuriken, serves as an unpredictable zoning tool, as it can be charged to increase its attack power, making it difficult to predict when and at what speed the shuriken will come. Short hop uncharged shurikens are also useful for controlling a large portion of the short hop jump height.

When approaching your opponent as Greninja, it's important to take advantage of Greninja's dash speed and midair movement speed. Watch your opponents' projectiles (if any) and look for an opportunity to punish the ending lag of projectile attacks with NAIR or a fast fall dash grab (press down at any point after the peak of your jump, then quickly dash and grab your recovering opponent). If NAIR hits at lower percentages, follow up with a quick jab combo and continue to put on pressure with NAIR strikes or lay back with shurikens to frustrate your opponents.

Another viable option when in close to your opponent is DTILT. At lower percentages, down tilt can be followed with a delayed side smash to punish landing lag of opponents who are too quick to air dodge. At higher percentages, a quick dash into Up Smash becomes a terrifying followup to DTILT, along with short hop NAIR FAIR and BAIR. While these aren't true combos they are effective for building damage and potentially KOing an already overwhelmed opponent.

UTILT can also be used close, and followed up into Up Smash (at lower percentages) and UAIR for true combos.

Greninja's recovery is very strong. His double jump ability is quite high and his UpB, Hydro Pump, can shoot him over huge distances, horizontal and vertical. Greninja can also change the direction of his Hydro Pump once after the initial burst of water, depending on which way the control stick is pressed. This allows him to avoid opponents' follow-up attempts while attempting to recovery back to the stage/ledge.

Greninja's offstage follow-up game is quite strong as well. Greninja's FAIR and BAIR are both great for meeting opponents offstage for KO attempts. Try to mix up the two, as BAIR is significantly faster than FAIR, which can throw off your opponents' air dodge timing and score a quick KO. What really cements Greninja's offstage game is his Hydro Pump. While most landed attacks will restore an opponent's use of a recovery move, Greninja's Hydro Pump is a bit different. The damage suffered by the attack and the following pushback caused by the water will NOT restore an opponent's recovery move, meaning if used effectively, Greninja can push a helpless opponent into position for a follow-up or even push them away from the ledge entirely, thwarting any recovery attempts by your foe. The best way to perform this method is to alter the initial Hydro Pump water blast to aim at your opponent and push you back on stage (quickly tilt the control stick towards the stage after the initial B input).

Hope this was helpful! Happy Smashing!