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Existent's advice for Gouken in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted November 20, 2014

Gouken is most effective as a zoning character, but cannot rely on projectiles alone in most matchups. Staying on your feet and becoming familiar with his ground pokes and anti-airs is critical.

Learning how to block on wakeup is important, as his wakeup reversal options are limited and meter dependent. EX Flip can be easily reacted to and walked under for a full punish, having an EX Hurricane blocked leads to a level 3 Focus or neutral jump punish from the entire cast, his backdash is subpar, and all versions of his Counter are throwable.

Choosing to be defensive or offensive with Gouken depends entirely on the matchup. As a rule of thumb, if a character or player has a difficult time getting through his fireballs, continue using them.

Gouken should ideally have at least one EX bar at all times for a potential EX Hurricane anti-air or reversal, or an EX Rush Punch for max damage punishes and hit confirms.

Gouken is a unique character with unusual properties on many of his attacks, as such he takes a fairly long time to become proficient with.
If learned properly, he is a powerful character that can win any matchup.