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unseenpotential01's advice for Sakura's Fireball in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted November 16, 2014


Sakura's fireballs are nothing special, mainly used to extend combos or to zone out specific characters. Because of the lack of range and mediocre recovery, Sakura is not much of a threat beyond mid range. Throwing a mistimed fireball can cause more costly repercussions than other characters.


At level 2, this fireball is used less often than the light version, and is mainly used exclusively for set up purposes. You can however, toss out this move at random intervals during zoning or a fireball war as a "trap" to bait your opponent into jumping over it. Because of the larger hitbox and slower travel speed, your opponent has a higher chance of accidentally landing on it. This gives you the option of closing in, or following up with ultra2 or a dp for extra damage. It's worth noting that recovery for level 2 is surprisingly quick. This means as long as they don't jump before you release the punch button, more often than none, you will be safe enough to block.


At level 3, this version is also used almost exclusively for set up purposes. After a hard knock down, use this to leave hovering over your opponent as you jump over for a 50/50 mix up or what ever you'd like. Level 3 fireball setups are most effective in the corner, but it is possible to use outside of the corner as well. The hitbox of this move is massive making this move very effective in keeping your opponent in place once you've finally caught them(unless they have a good invincible reversal). The recovery of this move is very quick, unlike the light version and is up to +5 on hit and + 1 on block. If you do it meaty the advantage is even greater. This means you can make for some damaging post stun combos.

Like the medium version, this move can be used as a landing "trap" as well. As long as your opponent doesn't jump before you release the punch button. In most cases, your opponent may mistime their jump and trade with sakura's level 3 fireball regardless, leaving the trade in your favor. Of course, be sure not to be too predictable.