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Eswndernder's advice for Ganondorf in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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posted January 6, 2021

Ganondorf has been buffed a lot since his sad show appearance in Brawl, and Ultimate is no exception. His Smash attacks have been given greater range and power since Smash4, and his Forward Smash can start killing as early as 30% off an edge. The damage input for his Warlock Punch has nearly doubled (from 31% to sometimes over 60%). All of his moves are stronger, and he moves faster than previous iterations, although he is still the second slowest character in the game. But his brutish tank-weight and insane power give him massive power, and far outweigh(in my opinion) his disadvantages.

Kill percentage for Ganondorf; Any precent above 10% (not a joke).