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SacredFire37's advice for Shulk in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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posted December 1, 2020

Shulk has been significantly improved from Smash 4. The changes to his Monado Arts have made it much easier for him to take advantage of their buffs due to having a 'dial', which allows him to view each art to see which ones are active and which ones are not and also enables him to select whichever one fits the situation as opposed to being forced to cycle through the arts.

Additionally, he still maintains his outstanding range and huge hitboxes which assist his punish game and his aerials benefit from the universal decrease in landing lag, now having very low landing lag. However, keep in mind that he still has sluggish frame data so spacing with him is very important.

Overall, due to the buffs he gains from Monado Arts, Shulk is extremely versatile and can adapt to any situation so if you like dynamic characters that have a lot of unique tech, then Shulk might be for you. He's not an easy character to play, but he excels when he is played patiently, optimally takes advantage of the benefits from Monado Arts, and exploits openings. Because of his adaptability and incredible spacing and combo potential, Shulk is never truly out of the game no matter how disadvantageous it may seem.