vegetalcontains' advice for Blanka in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted January 18, 2020

Blanka is not a character to pick up and play, like G. You have to work, really, really, but really, really hard to get some results. You have to be a surgeon, and study, and try really hard. Most of the times, you will feel like surrounded by enormous mountains of crap. Probably, a possible Blanka stage would look like that. He don't belong to this version of Street Fighter. There are not pro players exploring him, and that's a great reference to say this. So, everything is to be done with this character. Lots of characters can do the same as Blanka, but with better results. Good luck in your quest, if it is that hard, then, Blanka has to be low tier, and yes, you will feel like a real hero earning each win. Remembers me of Shuma Gorath in Marvel 2, fun to play, you can still surprise some opponents, but don't expect to win Evo, Capcom cup, or become a Red Bull agent. Or like going to a war, wearing flip flops, only one orange to eat, and a knife to fight. If you want a real challenge, try him. If you have low tolerance to frustration, well, Blanka is not for you. Better pick G, activate V Trigger 1, some shoryuken/haduken motions, and that's it. Win.