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nekoneo64's advice for Terry in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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posted November 9, 2019

There are various combos, but one must master his inputs before going crazy with Buster Wolf. These inputs will assume the player is facing right, so just invert the input if you're facing left.
Burning Knuckle: down > down-right > right + A
Crack Shoot: down > down-left > left + A
Rising Tackle: hold down > up + A
Power Dunk: right > down > down-right + A
The next two moves can only be done by meeting the following criteria: reach 100% or more in stock mode or reach one third or less of your starting health. These moves have simplified inputs which will also be listed.
Power Geyser: down > down-left > left > down-left > right + A
Power Geyser (Simplified): down > left > down > right + A
Buster Wolf: down > down-right > right > down > down-right > right + A
Buster Wolf (Simplified): down > right > down > right + A