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Seahawkfan1108's advice for Kage in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted September 1, 2019

I Been playing Kage for about a month now, so here tip on how to use kage is that he is great up close and good at pressuring the opponent at close range. his hadoken is terrible but it has some uses, it's can stop most incoming projectiles in a fireball battle but i wouldn't trade fireballs with it, it's great for ending a combo then going into his V-Trigger I & II.The EX Version has a stun factor to it at a close up range, you can got into H.Tatsu into H.Shoryuken for good damage. his Shakunetsu Hadoken is his only tool to pressure from a zoning range, his Air.MK is a good cross up tool.Cr.HP is a great Anti-air, his Cr.MP is a great meaty and his Cr.HP is great to start into his axe kick combos. but never use Cr.HP after a knockdown, only use it during a jump in with his Air.HK which has a good stun to start into the combo, use his Cr.MP for a good meaty. his shoryukens n tatsu's are somewhat decent, he has great mix up potential with his V-Trigger I and he gets his raging demon special in V-Trigger II. he can also combo into his demon which is pretty sick, my personal favorite way to combo into demon is Air.HK, Cr.HP, Half Circle HK, Cr.MP, Half Circle MK, Cancel into V-Trigger II, Cr.HP, Half Circle HK, Cr.MP, Half Circle MK into Demon. Kage has the lowest or one of the lowest health in the game at 900 so don't rush in on the opponent, play the waiting game and use his ST.MP, Cr.MP, ST.HK to space out the opponent. his Cr.LK is great for Grab setups, his Cr.LP is a great hit check on your opponent and can combo into L.Tastu into L.Shoryuken.His V-Skill is good to throw at and is only -2 on block so use it regularly every match. Also his F.HP is a great button to throw out every now n then too. once your up close then go to work on the rushdown with his Cr.MP's and Axe Kicks. Patience is the key to getting W's with Kage