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Pharaoh63's advice for Piranha Plant in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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posted August 27, 2019

Piranha Plant definitely thrives off of his gimmicks. Spike Ball is, hands down, one of his best moves. It’s good for edge-guarding, deals a hefty amount of damage, and if you hit it onto an opponent using Shield, you could grab them for a frame trap. Make sure not to spam it, though, and make use of your other tools, like Poison Gas and Long Reach. Both are good for pressuring Shield Spammers, although if reflected or countered, respectively, you’ll be in hot water. Piranha Plant also benefits from having the best recoveries in the game, so make use of it! Finally, remember that even though Piranha Plant is low tier, you, as a player, have the skill to take them far.