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Bayopuffer's advice for Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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posted July 14, 2019

Some other combos/Trix:

Down Tilt -> Fair (Works well from 20-70%, easy combo for tidy damage)

Down Throw -> Heel Slide -> Up Tilt (Only really usable from 15-25%, can lead into the next combo!)

Up Tilt -> Witch Twist (Angled backward) -> Witch Twist (Angled backward) (Like the UT->WT->WT combo, but Witch Twists are angled backward following the Up Tilt)

Up Throw -> Witch Twist (Angled forwards) -> Witch Twist (Angled forwards) (Works best at low percents)

Downwards After Burner Kick -> Neutral Air (Starts to work around 30%, used to approach opponents from above and start combos DO NOT JUMP AFTER LANDING THE ABK)

Heel Slide (Bullet Arts Extension) -> Back Air (More of a kill set-up, works best around 70-90%)