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posted April 26, 2019

(Here is the rest of the post below. I could not implement all of this into one post because of the 3000 character limit, which is dumb and counterproductive if people are trying to explain tips and tricks. Not only that, but also I had to wait about 10 minutes to post this part because of the anti-spam system. Love this website.)

A few Lucas combos:
Dair > Up Tilt x2 > Uair x1-3 (0% start, end with 54-72% if done with multiple hits as shown)
Dtilt > Fsmash (pretty much any percent, can also use grab instead of Fsmash)
Sour Fair > Dtilt >Sour Fair > Dtilt (repeat until falls out of combo) (32% start, end with around 74-95%)
Nair > Sweet Fair > Dtilt > Down throw > Sweet Fair (0% startup, end with 50-60%)

NOTE: All combos might not work at exact percents. I used a Captain Falcon dummy and got those results. Characters with bigger hitboxes and differing weights might change some of those combos and their percents.
OTHER NOTE: One key thing to always practice is how to recover. Continuously practice how to use PK Thunder, it will help A LOT.

Without a doubt, Lucas has the potential to become a better fighter. His kit and tools are very useful, however, you don't see many Smash Ultimate players playing Lucas, so its hard for him to be recognized and utilized.