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Bayopuffer's advice for Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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posted January 20, 2019

Here are a few combos you need to know for Bayonetta.

**Heel Slide (bullet art extension) -> Witch Twist -> ABK -> ABK -> Bair/Nair**
This combo is a great damage dealer at low percents. It can easily work on most of the cast from 0-20%. For heavyweights, you might want to wait until they're around 15-25% before using this combo. This can easily deal 40% to an opponent.

**Heel Slide (BAE) -> Witch Twist-> ABK -> Witch Twist (angle it in the opposite direction; if you start the combo going left, angle it right and vice versa) -> ABK -> Fair (all three hits)**
This combo works best around 50-60%. It can get the opponent well in the 90-105% range. If you are able, start this combo on a platform or start with an ABK (while the opponent is in the air) and you can potentially knock the opponent off the screen.

As you can see, landing the first combo, getting a few hits in and then doing the second combo can quickly put the opponent at lethal percents. Remember that Bayonetta is all about combos, and practicing them allows you to use them more naturally as well as being able to improvise combos on the spot (which Bayonetta can easily do).

Learn these combos, and you'll be able to bolster your Bayonetta skills greatly. Good luck!