feralwolf72's advice for Blanka in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted June 10, 2018

Summary with SFV specifics

Blanka at the time of the "AE 3.5" patch, is a big unknown. He has been out for a while, but it is a strange landscape for this world warrior. I personally think he is in the echelon of B/B+ tier free. Most pro players view him as C or worse. A quick run down of the SFV specific tools he has and what he is lacking may assist in you forming your opinion.

SFV specific tools:
-invincible reversal (with and without EX meter, although situational)

-great overall movement (good walk speed, two types of dash, two types of jump)

-Two good V-Triggers and useful V-reveral

-command grab

-anti projectile move (rainbow roll) has advantage on hit/block, can juggle off of trade mid air, and adds to overall mobility

SFV specific weakness

-no 3 frame normal

-no instant overhead

-no exploitive crush counter follow ups (take with a grain of salt as CC's have big damage scaling at time of writing)

His greatest strength and weakness are intertwined however. He has a previous existing stigma. The SF4 series and sub optimal early netplay has kind of salted the earth on this character. He is either loved or hated or really hated.

The SFV Blanka player will have to craft solid play with mix-ups that people will rage at for his past, not his present. Even without the bevy of crossup mix ups, you will always be random.
This mindset will always result in more conversations on how to stop him, rather than how to maximize him. I distinctly recall Blanka Ball punish videos coming out way faster than any guide on how to maximize his juggle potential in the first few weeks of his release.

The next hypothetical issue is that his "buffs" for the most recent version are just him being reset to the original advertised version. His day 1 nerfs have been patched out, but most of his "tech" and resources still reflect that. He early stuff regarding electricity and ground shave rolling are obsolete. This also gives an unclear vision of this future as since he isn't really represented in the tournament scene at this time, his adjustment feedback is going to come from communal netplay...

I hope someone gets something from this. I'm going to keep playing him. I think he's fun and the best version of the character we've gotten in sometime.