feralwolf72's advice for Blanka in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted June 10, 2018

This is the be(a)st version of Blanka in quite some time.

I honestly did not think he would be making a return in SFV, with character elements of his split between two newcomers. I am glad to be wrong.

SFV Blanka has been updated for the better. He has become a more complete version of himself. Being the first mix-up character he was overshadowed by many characters in SF4 that did what he did, but better.

Is he a great character in SFV? Unclear at this time. I personally feel he is mid tier or high mid tier.

My reasoning is as follows:

SFV Blanka vs previous versions


He now has a command grab. It isn't great and can be beat. But he has one. Making him a mix up character that isn't defeated by blocking.

He has increased usefulness to his classic special moves.
Electricity is easier to do and has consitency.

Up balls have dramatic angle differences

"Rainbow" ball is his new anti projectile tool that is has advantage on hit/block. It is more useful at the price of its gimmickly use (which still exists in V1)

Regular ball is arguably the least useful of his special moves. It doesn't allow for as many gimmicks, but they are still there. It is arguably at it's most useful in V1.

Coward Crouch has been adapted to his V-Skill and he retains the ability to surprise forward/back with it. More importantly it gives him two follow ups. A second jump arc (to extend his great jump even more so) and an attack that allows more combos and mix ups.

He can make his slide safe. It takes V-trigger, but that is a huge improvement.

Super/Critical Art is now double fireball motion(insert any positive emoji here)
-It can be canceled from ball, upball, and electricity(?!?!?!?!?).
-No longer is his super easily telegraphed
-It has two hits when blocked, which in SFV means more chances for chip kill

Cons compared to previous versions

Well, the easy summary here is that in giving Blanka a more solid tool set, they took away or reduced the "effectiveness" of some of his gimmicks. They are still there in some way, shape, or form, but they are not to be relied on. Relying on risky play with Blanka in SFV will result in big punishes.

To expand on this, he doesn't have his usally cross up hit boxes on his rainbow and regular Blanka Ball.

His hop is very different
-slower/easier to punish
-forward and backward have way different animations. No more fake ambiguity
-may accidentally misuse resources trying to use it (ex moves AND v-reversal)

With the acquisition of a command throw he no longer has a long natural regular throw range.