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BrinkFayX's advice for Adult Gohan in Dragon Ball FighterZ

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posted March 22, 2018

The move-list is actually wrong, the "Ultimate High Kick" is done by forwardbottomcorner-H. If you're in potential-unleashed, forwardbottomcorner-L is "Machine Gun Punches", which is a fast, multi-hit attack that can be held for increased damage and increased duration.

- The Ultimate High Kick can be jump canceled
- Doing potential-unleashed with H-S can be charged, but doing it for 5 or more levels will come out slower, making it harder to be comboed with.
- In potential-unleashed, the Ultimate Back Attack (fireballback-A) will teleport to your opponent, and the L version causes a hard knockdown. In either case, the M version is a cross up. All versions are an overhead.
- In potential-unleashed Level 7, you no longer have to follow the L, M, H combo pattern. Instead, you can do basically whatever you want, provided that there are no repeating moves in your string. For example, you can go into your 1M, into your 1L, into MGP, into 2H, into UHK, and so on, so forth.
- Doing Gohan's Level 3 with Goku DOES NOT INCREASE THE DAMAGE. And doing it without Goten or Goku DOES NOT DECREASE THE DAMAGE.