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Megadanxzero's advice for Sakura in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted January 16, 2018

Early findings - I think st.HP is better than it seems. The range isn't quite as good as it looks, but it seems to be the only thing that can combo into HK Tatsu, and does so even from max range. It's -2 on block so still safe, and it's super easy to hit confirm if you poke with it.

That's handy because HK Tatsu leaves you at +2 in throw range, so you can throw/frame trap as you like. You can also combo st.HP after a jump in, so I think that might actually be the best option if you want to continue pressuring.

V-Trigger activation combos also seem to often do less damage than normal ones thanks to the extra scaling, so probably don't bother unless you have super to put on the end.