ZachSmashAttack's advice for Greninja in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted January 10, 2018

Random greninja tips that no one else has covered:

With practice it is possible to footstool someone out of shield. If they are at high percents you can follow up with an immediate dair and depending on how high their percent is you can either follow up with another footstool into either a weak nair, up smash, or a bair jab lock. The other option is to immediately shadow sneak out of the dair and score a kill. Greninja can also shadow sneak out of shield which is very good for punishing grab attempts. Another trick is you can full hop shuriken and then land with a fair. Doing this covers aerial approaches fairly well and punishes ground approaches. It's very reliable for stuffing out ground approaches due to how amazingly same fair is on shield. Just be wary for powershields.